A name and a great company

A great signature to seal your wines

Nurturing excellence since 1876

Since its beginnings, our company has focused on producing natural cork stoppers for premier still wines. We supply the most illustrious estates, chateaux, private cellars, négociants, and cooperative cellars; some of these relationships date back more than a century. Our client portfolio, ranging from independent growers to leading négociants and cooperatives, now spans over 15 countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.
Wine is our history and our world.
100% Trescases: from in-forest selection to the client, with total supply-chain control and a bespoke offering. Each stage in our work bears the hallmark of our know-how.


Trescases, master crafter of natural cork stoppers

Born in the same climate, the vine and the cork oak tree are bound by history and destiny. Like vines, cork oak bark is a living material that yields a noble product. Which is why terroir - soil, climate, situation, aspect, age, maturity - is of paramount importance. Optimally satisfying each criterion, our cork selections are sourced in the finest areas of Spain, Portugal and Sardinia.
The quality of our raw material is our prime quality.

Natural cork stoppers: lifelong wine companions. They are wine's best servant: helping it blossom, and ensuring exactly the right degree of hermetic seal, to promote proper ageing.

Natural cork has a gift for protecting and enhancing wine.