Our "eco"commitment

Cork and sustainable development

Natural cork: the eco-responsible choice

Trescases: promoter of a natural, renewable, recyclable method of stoppering

Prefer natural cork, fight global warming

Bouchons Trescases plays a role in maintaining an efficient carbon sink: a farmed cork oak tree absorbs 2.5 to 4 times more CO2 than any other species. Each year, Mediterranean cork oak forests absorb 14 million tonnes of CO2, equal to the emissions of 1.5 million cars.

Prefer natural cork, favour the environment

The natural cork stopper is the only type made from a sustainable resource, farmed in a way that respects nature. It is also the only stopper that can be recycled inexpensively. In terms of greenhouse-gas emissions, fossile-fuel consumption and waste production, the impact metrics of cork-stopper manufacturers are two to seven times lower than in the plastic and aluminium stopper industries. In this respect also, natural cork stands apart.