A name and a great company

History since 1876

Three centuries, five generations

Since Joseph Trescases set up the company in 1876, the Trescases family has without interruption run the business, based since day one in Céret, in the Eastern Pyrenees area of southwest France. Today, we perpetuate the art of crafting natural cork stoppers in our production facilities in Le Boulou, France, and in Sardinia and Portugal, where the latest technologies and patented innovations combine with the soul of a family's passion.

Great tradition fused with high precision...

The treasure of Trescases

Expertise is our strength, and experience sets us apart. In our family, the secrets of selection are handed down through the generations: over 130 years of observing and analysing cork bark, its regions and forests, as well as crops, boards, strips and cork grades.

Our know-how is, first and foremost, this knowledge.