Quality and garantees

Quality and traceability: an array of guarantees

Self-inspections and quality inspections at every stage of production:

Choice of cork, stripping, drying, boiling, board sorting, vaporisation, strip cutting, punching, washing, steam treatment, drying, successive sorting, marking, surface treatment, packaging... Tracer analyses are conducted continually at all stages of production by our quality control laboratory and by certified independent laboratories.

We thus ensure full compliance with our quality system. Trescases cork stoppers are certified with Systécode for compliance with the International Code of Cork Stoppers Manufacturing Practices, and also comply with the HACCP food safety standard and ISO traceability standards.

Exhaustive analysis to guarantee quality, with a zero defect target.

A quality commitment that is shared and disseminated.
Bouchons Trescases is taking part in the industry's push to give all wine stakeholders a better understanding of cork stoppers' noble functions. The European cork-stopper manufacturers' charter has now summarised the knowledge, studies, standards and recommendations that support order placement and the proper use of cork stoppers. We keep this document, as well as a complete technical database, at our clients' disposal.

Totally transparent.